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A New Way to Deliver a Movie

28 Feb, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Drivers Wanted is to pizza delivery drivers as Clerks is to video store workers.

Writer-director T. Lee Beideck got the idea and the inspiration for the film from his own experiences delivering pizzas.

Beideck and his producer partner, Rich Angell, are self-distributing the indie comedy through the company they created, Pillen's Farm Pictures. They're enlisting the help of pizza shops across the country to spread the word.

They have Drivers Wanted-themed flyers for pizza shops to give to customers, asking them to visit the film's Web site, driverswantedmovie.com, and vote for their local shop as the best pizza joint. The winning shop will win a $3,000 scooter it can use to deliver pizzas, Beideck said.

Before Web site visitors can vote, they watch a brief trailer of the movie, which has sparked some direct DVD pre-orders.

“Our idea's been really accepted because they're always looking for that two-for-one special,” he joked.

Quotes from reviews by director John Landis and skater Tony Hawk are highlighted on promotional materials, the Web site and on upcoming DVD packaging.

Beideck scored a limited theatrical release for Drivers Wanted through Regal Entertainment, but said he wanted to focus on the DVD release as the major national release for the film.

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