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A MAP of the Video World

14 Mar, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

There was something of a MAP limbo contest at some DVD sellers this week. Target, Best Buy and Circuit City all had some new releases in their Sunday newspaper circulars advertised as available at a "low price," and visits to Southern California locations of each store showed the titles priced below the minimum advertised price (MAP).

Circuit City advertised Warner's Heist DVD at $15.99, while the MAP is $19.95 and the suggested retail price (SRP) is $24.98. Paramount's Zoolander and Fox's Joy Ride were listed in the ad as "low price." At the store, both of these DVDs were promoted as "on sale" with Joy Ride priced at $15.99 ($19.95 MAP, $27.98 SRP) and Zoolander at $16.99 ($22.95 MAP, $29.99 SRP).Regular price for all three titles is $19.99 and shelftalkers noted special pricing was only available through March 16. Circuit City's ad also touted DreamWorks' A.I. Artificial Intelligence, which streeted two weeks ago, at an unadvertised low price. In store, the double-disc special edition was sale priced at $19.99. MAP for the title is $22.95 and the regular Circuit City price is $24.99.

Meanwhile, Target and Best Buy had already bumped their prices on A.I. up to $22.99, after discounting to $19.99 in the title's debut week.

Target's Sunday circular promoted both Zoolander and Joy Ride at an unlisted low price and both titles were priced below MAP in the store (see chart). Target also advertised Heist at $17.99 — below MAP — in its weekly ad. Regular price at Target for all three titles is $19.99.

Best Buy's circular had Zoolander and Heist DVDs listed at a "hot price," but only dropped below MAP on Zoolander. The regular Best Buy price for Zoolander and Joy Ride is $22.99, and $19.99 for Heist.

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