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A Disc You Could Find In the Dark

30 Apr, 2002 By: Hive News

GE Plastics wants to attract studios to its new “edge glow” technology for digital media storage discs, hoping studios and replicators will latch onto the technology to differentiate their discs.

“Increased competition has resulted in an ever-increasing demand for unique cosmetic appeal and a pressing need for manufacturers to improve product differentiation,” said Tokihiko Mori, manager of marketing, Optical Media, for GE Plastics. “Using this innovative technology is part of GE Plastics' strategy to help our customers build on their valuable brands.”

The patented technology to color polycarbonate resin with fluorescent dyes to add light piping to CDs and DVDs is a gimmick GE hopes studios will adopt for DVDs, perhaps keying the colored piping to a theme in the movie visuals.

The fluorescent dye technology, licensed to GE through an exclusive agreement with Fujitsu Component Limited of Japan, “is aimed at content providers and optical media replicators looking to accentuate their brand and drive product differentiation in the CD and DVD marketplace,” said a press release from GE Plastics.

The company offers Edge Glow as a complement to its line of Signature OQ resins that enable production of optical media in virtually any color palette.

“Color is an exciting way for content providers to stand out in an industry dominated by silver discs,” said Cathie Hess, market development manager for GE Plastics. “Color combined with this exciting new fluorescent technology can really help our customers add excitement to their to their product lines, drive their brand, and even differentiate 'special edition' releases.”

It also opens the door for color-coding discs for purposes that serve the studios more than consumers, like tiered pricing, regional color coding and other aspects of releases that are not immediately apparent on present discs.

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