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A Chat With Young Indy

26 Apr, 2008 By: Craig Modderno

The third and final volume of Lucasfilm's “The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones” DVD boxed sets streets April 29 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Subtitled “The Years of Change,” the 10-disc collection includes more than 15 hours of bonus material. In translating Harrison Ford's famous character to the small screen for the 1990s TV series, Sean Patrick Flannery captured the adventurous spirit and sex appeal that helps define the eternal popularity of Indiana Jones.

  • HM: How would you describe “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” to someone who had never seen the show?

  • Flannery: An action-packed yet educational adventure, where the only fictitious character is Indiana Jones.

  • HM: How did your portrayal of Indiana Jones differ from Harrison Ford's?

  • Flannery: I brought a sense of naivet? and youth … I hope.

  • HM: What was the most difficult stunt you performed on the series?

  • Flannery: Setting myself on fire. Actually, that wasn't difficult, just dangerous.

  • HM: What can you tell us about George Lucas, the creator of your show, that people don't know?

  • Flannery: He's a good-natured ladies man.

  • HM: What's more important when playing Indiana Jones, his hat or his whip?

  • Flannery: His hat, without question.

  • HM: What's the most memorable response you've gotten from playing this popular character?

  • Flannery: Holy crap!

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