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35,000 Titles Added at Westlake

12 Apr, 2005 By: Brendan Howard

Westlake Entertainment Group has acquired rights to the roughly 35,000-title library of Hollywood Select Video.

The library is one of the largest privately held libraries of classics in the world, according to a Westlake Entertainment spokesperson.

With titles ranging from 1896 to 2005, the library includes feature films, TV shows, shorts, cartoons and trailers. Notable stars include Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, the Marx Bros., Morgan Freeman, Sandra Bullock, Lucille Ball and William Shatner.

“Westlake embarked on an aggressive growth mode in 2004,” said Westlake president Greg Summitt. “As part of that expansion, this extensive and broad-based library of quality classic programming significantly enhances the breadth of our catalog.”

In February, Westlake acquired the Oxxo Films' library of 450 Spanish-language titles. In addition, the company has signed recent deals for licensing and/or distributing with All Pro Sports, Company of Stars, Crescent Entertainment, King Video Productions, Natural Productions, Urban Entertainment Group and Virtuoso.

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