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27 Dresses Fits Into No. 1 Spot

8 May, 2008 By: Thomas K. Arnold

27 Dresses

The romantic comedy 27 Dresses from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment must have been tailor-made for the home video market, as it topped both the national DVD sales and rental charts its first week in stores.

Dresses resoundingly beat fellow new release The Golden Compass, from New Line, which came to DVD with a similar box office pedigree ($70.1 million, just slightly less than $76.7 million for Dresses).

According to Nielsen VideoScan First Alert data, Compass, which bowed at No. 2, sold only 71% as many copies as Dresses, even though it's a family film — and family movies traditionally are strong sellers. Compass, however, may have been hurt by a backlash from religious groups that boycotted the film because the author of the books upon which the film is based is an avowed atheist.

On Home Media Magazine's rental chart for the week ended May 4, 27 Dresses nailed the top spot with estimated rental revenue of $7.4 million, while Compass bowed at No. 2 with rental earnings of $6.5 million.

The previous week's top seller and renter, Paramount's explosive Cloverfield, slipped to No. 4 on the sales chart and No. 3 on the rental chart. Fox's Juno, No. 2 on both charts the previous week, finished as the No. 3 seller and No. 4 renter.

On the Blu-ray Disc top sellers chart, Golden Compass debuted at No. 1, while 27 Dresses bowed at No. 2.

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