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Netflix Still Bowing Video Games?

11 Oct, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

With the demise of Qwikster, Netflix’s entry into video game rentals remains up in the air

Lost in the confusion surrounding Netflix’s abrupt cancelation of Qwikster — its hastily created stand-alone DVD/Blu-ray Disc rental service — is the status of video games.

When Netflix announced the formation of Qwikster a few weeks ago, it said the new service also would for the first time offer subscribers access to about 3,000 games across all platforms.

Heretofore Netflix has not offered game rentals, unlike Blockbuster By Mail and GameFly — the latter taking Netflix to task in recent years for what it alleged were unfair shipping and handling practices afforded it by the United States Postal Service. Qwikster’s video game platform was considered a viable threat to GameFly, according to analysts.

Netflix spokesperson Steve Swasey said the company still was considering game rentals and declined further comment.

In an ongoing poll conducted by HackingNetflix.com, nearly 48% of more than 2,100 respondents said they want Netflix to offer video game rentals, while 32% said they did not want to. Remaining respondents appeared indifferent.

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