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Netflix Gets Winter Holiday Disc Mailer Art Inspiration From Social Media

5 Dec, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

This year’s mailer artist originated from “Doodle Flix,” a Tumblr.com fan website

Holiday-themed disc mailers at Netflix have been around almost as long as the by-mail disc rental pioneer.

This year, Netflix sought out social media — specifically “Doodle Flix” — a Tumblr.com site where art-inspired Netflix packaged media subscribers post creative mailers. The site is where Netflix connected with Timothy Hodge, the artist behind the service’s Halloween and winter holiday mailers.

This year’s themes include snowmen, a wrapped gift, a candy cane, and Santa Claus.

Hodge, who is based in Tennessee, had been posting his art-altered mailers on Tumblr for a year until Netflix contacted him, according to the HuffingtonPost.com.

“I just wanted to create a bit of a mood,” said Hodge. “My favorite drawings have some sort of story to them — something’s just happened or something’s about to happen. Something’s going on off camera … you don’t see Santa but you see what’s going on. It’s happening while you sleep in bed.”

Netflix ended the third quarter (Sept. 30) with 7.1 million disc subscribers.

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