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Netflix Begins Offering $7.99 DVD-only Plan

11 Jul, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

Netflix has quietly begun offering an unlimited DVD-only rental plan for $7.99, appeasing fans with no interest in streaming. The plan matches the streaming-only price option for consumers.

“Netflix launched a DVD plan for $7.99 as a further terrific value for the folks who want only DVDs,” the company said in a statement.

The news confirms Netflix CFO David Wells’ assertion in early June that the company was looking to pay more attention to its DVD roots.

“We’re looking down the road at both re-energizing DVD functions and paying a little bit more attention to it, or at least stop really de-emphasizing it as well right the economics of that business,” he said.

Prior to the new plan, Netflix had offered a $9.99 plan for both streaming and one DVD rental at a time.

The new plan belies Netflix’s big push in the streaming world, with CEO Reed Hastings telling investors in April that the company was more focused on streaming than packaged media.

“In order to prosper in streaming we must concentrate on having the best possible streaming service,” Hastings and Wells wrote in a note to investors. “As a result, we are beginning to treat [streaming and DVD] separately in many ways.”

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