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Jersey Shore: Season One (DVD Review)

16 Jul, 2010 By: Billy Gil

Street 7/20/10
Reality TV
$19.99 three-DVD set
Not rated.
Stars The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D.

We’ve got a situation here: The first season of “Jersey Shore,” the most entertaining show MTV has put out in a decade, is on DVD, and it’s juiced up with some great extras.

You probably know the story: Eight people in their twenties from various parts of New England are handpicked to live in a house in Seaside Heights, N.J., for about a month, cohabitating and working together in a T-shirt store on the boardwalk by the ocean. Over the course of nine episodes, relationships are made, broken and mended in record time, and physical violence becomes as regular for the castmates as hairspray and Red Bull.

Whatever you think of the self-anointed “guidos” and “guidettes,” try taking your eyes off of them, from Mike “The Situation’s” insecure braggadocio to Jenny “JWoww’s” feral relationships with men to Nicole “Snooki’s” desperate search for love in a place seemingly built on brutal sexual dynamics, with hyperfeminized women, inflated muscles and even bigger egos seeking to dominate one another. While the show promises a flirty good time in the sun, it’s more often than not chock-full of bitterly dramatic moments.

The show is tastelessly entertaining in its own right, but the DVD lets things get even wilder with free-flowing swearing and the show’s most controversial moment — Snooki getting punched by a drunk man at a bar — shown uncensored. The deleted scenes are mostly keepers, such as more of Angelina (boo!) spreading the haterade to her roommates, and the additional features are pretty priceless, such as Snooki (yea!) showing a non-guidette how to get the perfect “poof” in her hair, as well as a wonderfully staged and tacky reunion special.

The best bonus: Actor Michael Cera learns how to gel/solidify his hair into the perfect Stegosaurus guido mane. It’s pretty sweet, bros.

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