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Say Goodnight (DVD Review)

3 Aug, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Street 8/10/10
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for pervasive language and sexual dialogue.
Stars Aaron Paul, Carly Pope, Shannon Lucio, Smith Cho, Rob Benedict, David Monahan, Christopher Gessner.

Four non-descript 30-year-old guys (aka losers) have drinks in a bar and talk about women, blown hook-ups and lost love with the camera rolling. That pretty much sums up the raison d’être of 2008 independent film Say Goodnight, which is not to say that close and (often entertaining) awkward encounters of the female form can’t work cinematically.

With strong cast members such as Aaron Paul (excellent in “Breaking Bad”) as Victor, Christopher Gessner as Mason and J.J. Abrams ensemble player Rob Benedict (“Alias,” “Felicity”) as Leroy, and a bevy of smart, sexy and promiscuous “tail,” including Shannon Lucio (Lily), Smith Cho (Angela), Carly Pope (Crystal), and Nandini King (Jaamini), among others, Goodnight offers much promise.

Alas, the guys converse in typical sophomoric clichés, shrouding multiple insecurities and leaving more than one exasperated female character bewildered by the apparent emotional neediness of today’s urban male.

“What the f---?” exclaims a sexually frustrated Angela in the bedroom when confronted by emasculated (and clothed) Mason, who jokes it will take 102 dates to have sex, and Angela wonders why it can’t just take two.

Interestingly, Victor, the movie’s biggest boor, meets his match in Crystal, whose equal alpha-personality both excites and unnerves him. Too bad Victor can’t handle the ride.

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