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Trucker (DVD Review)

29 Dec, 2009 By: Billy Gil


Street 1/5/10
Box Office $0.05 million
$26.95 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for some sexuality, language, brief drug use involving minors, and a sexual assault.
Stars Michelle Monaghan, Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt, Jimmy Bennett.

Indie favorite Trucker has helped boost star Michelle Monaghan’s profile from “cute girl from Mission: Impossible III” to serious actor, and with good reason.

The film concerns female trucker Diane (Monaghan), who lives life without direction, sleeping with strangers and flirting with a married friend (Nathan Fillion, in a strong supporting role). Her carefree life hits a bump when her ex-husband (Benjamin Bratt) falls ill, and his new wife (Joey Lauren Adams) drops off Diane’s son to stay with her.

Trucker is not without its faults — namely, the dialogue doesn’t always ring true, especially from Diane’s son, Peter, who calls his mom a bitch for treating him like a burden.

But the film skillfully avoids stereotyping its characters and those in the trucking industry and in doing so allows us to see them for the flawed yet caring people they are. Diane is not a sympathetic character, but Monaghan stays true to Diane’s boyishly charming self. The scenes in which she bonds with her son over playing catch and traversing the open road are irresistibly heartwarming, extolling the power of family and reconciliation in a way that is not hackneyed and does not betray the characters created by first-time writer-director James Mottern.

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