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Hurt (DVD Review)

3 Nov, 2009 By: Jordan Harrison

Street 11/10/09
$26.95 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for some violence and brief language.
Stars Melora Walters, Jackson Rathbone, William Mapother, Johanna Braddy, Ava Gaudet, Sofia Vassilieva.

Formulaic as suspenseful thrillers go, Hurt has a strong story and plenty of twists to make it a movie worth seeing.

After a tragedy befalls the Coltrane family, widowed mother Helen (Melora Walters of “Big Love”) and her two children are forced to move in with her eccentric brother-in-law Darryl (William Mapother) in an isolated desert junkyard.

Their plans turn upon the arrival of Sarah (Sofia Vassilieva of My Sister’s Keeper), a eerie-mannered young foster child with ties to Helen’s dead husband. This elicits mixed reactions from Helen’s daughter, Lenore (Johanna E. Braddy of Fame), and son, Conrad (Jackson Rathbone of Twilight), and certainly increases the tension level of the film.

Director Barbara Stepansky does an excellent job of portraying character development and concealing the identity of the person responsible for the heinous chain of events.

The film kept me interested and at many points near the end I had no idea what was going to happen, far exceeding my initial expectations for the low-budget thriller.

The DVD contains in-depth special features, the best being cast interviews. They provide insight into their characters that better explain any questions that the movie leaves unanswered.

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