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Trouble With Dee Dee (DVD Review)

7 Dec, 2008 By: Anne Sherber

Trouble With Dee Dee

Prebook 12/8/08; Street 12/30/08
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for language.
Stars Lisa Ann Walter, Kurtwood Smith, Mason Gamble, J.P. Manoux.

When an iconoclastic trust-fund princess finally steps over the line once too often, her father cuts her off without a cent. Fortunately, it never occurs to Dee Dee that this might present a problem.

Walter, a gifted character actress and comedienne, is pitch perfect as the seat-of-her-pants, on-the-fly Dee Dee, a rich girl whose only real vice is generosity. As long as she’s on the family payroll, she casually tosses around her pocket full of credit cards, funding a new wing on an overburdened homeless shelter and delivering hard-to-find toys to children’s hospital wards.

But her father, a buttoned-up business exec, wants her to take an interest in the family business, and he issues an ultimatum: Either Dee Dee shows up at the next board of directors meeting or he will shut off the money spigot.

Predictably, she is sidetracked and misses the meeting. Her father is as good as his word, and when Dee Dee tries to use her credit cards to pay for food for the homeless shelter, every single one is declined.

In Dee Dee, Walters creates and fully inhabits a wonderfully exasperating, loveable, clueless, funny and endearing character. She is both oblivious and empathic, selfish and selfless, clever and dimwitted. Also wonderful are Smith as Dee Dee’s unhappy father, Gamble as her neglected yet still-devoted son, and Manoux as her long-suffering assistant.

The Trouble With Dee Dee is a sweet confection that will please fans of screwball comedy, but Dee Dee’s propensity toward crude language makes this inappropriate for the youngest members of the family.

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