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Street Revenge (DVD Review)

12 Oct, 2008 By: David Greenberg

Street Revenge

Prebook 10/17/08; Street 11/18/08
$16.98 DVD, Not rated.
Stars Jaime Velez, Joe Wissler, C. L. Rivera, Nick Borgia.

Watching Street Revenge it is not hard to recall the saying “revenge is a dish best served cold.” In this film a cold heart comes in really handy.

When criminals are willing to cross the line to get what they want, the risk of failure is usually far greater than the potential rewards of success. The price of achieving one’s goals frequently comes with enormous hidden costs, and values such as honor and respect are worth almost as much as cold hard cash.

Such is the case with Street Justice, a film in which the protagonist, the supposedly good guy, is, undeniably, a bad guy who comes into conflict with antagonists who are far worse than he is. 

Freddy (Velez) is a low-level, quick-tempered thug who works as a sort of street-level mercenary, carrying out missions for a local crime figure. After Freddy and his crew (made up of young ex-cons still committing petty crimes until they can earn enough to go straight) come across a dead body and a briefcase full of stolen money, they find themselves on the run from a brutal local mob that not only wants to recover its belongings, but also wants to make those who made off with it pay for their actions.

In a classic eye-for-an-eye scenario, the two gangs begin a lethal game of cat and mouse but when the stakes are raised and things get personal, Freddy is stretched past the breaking point and the game soon becomes one man’s war.

Unmistakably produced on a meager budget, director Conrad Glover does not aim high here, but he clearly knows what attracts audiences to this type of film and delivers the goods.

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