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Going Down Under (DVD Review)

9 Mar, 2009 By: Casey LoDuca

Going Down Under

Prebook 3/13/09; Street 4/14/09
$16.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Hyland Kavalee, Sandy Gutman, Austen Tayshus, Johnny Boxer, Paul W. He, Jo Ashton, Gabby Millgate.

Within the first five minutes of this Australian import, young Jono (Ed Kavalee) is shown having sex with a restaurant meat slicer, leading to an inevitable and quite sensitive accident.

This splits the story into two plots. In one, a snooty professor sues the restaurant, called “Meat Pie for the Straight Guy,” claiming he tasted the severed appendage in one of their concoctions. Since he can’t prove it, he cooks up a plan to expose the eatery to the public.

In the main story, Jono restores his manhood after receiving a transplant from a porn star who drops dead filming a scene.

The box art evokes a comparison with American Pie (its original title was Meat Pie, and it’s also known as Australian Pie), but it’s more like Australia’s answer to Orgazmo.

Going Down Under is crude, vile and disgusting, but with that title, how could it not be? The film is such a celebration of bad taste it could hardly be considered shocking. That alone should up the curiosity factor among fans of the sex-comedy genre, especially those who have stuck with the “American Pie” franchise through its three direct-to-video sequels.

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