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Mike Chang Debuts First Total Body Workout DVD

30 Sep, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

Creator of 'Six Pack Shortcuts' brings his program to retail

Fitness trainer Mike Chang knows that most people looking to get in shape are looking for flat abs.

Three years ago, he decided to satisfy that high demand, which he said was not being met for men. He launched the YouTube channel Six Pack Shortcuts, which now has more than 2 million subscribers and more than 240 million views.

“It’s now the biggest fitness channel on YouTube,” Chang said.

The 15-year fitness veteran is now bringing his workout to retail for the first time with Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts: The Total Body Workout, arriving on DVD ($14.98) Dec. 3 from Lionsgate.

“I’m super excited that we’re able to reach out to a different market,” Chang said. “We’re getting this training out to people to let them know how easy it is to exercise. These programs that I create make it so simple to do that lack of will power is the only excuse.”

The disc contains four 15-minute workouts — cardio, upper body, lower body and core — plus warm-up and cool-down segments. Each short but intense workout is intended to burn fat and build muscle.

“Everyone wants to have a flat midsection or six pack abs,” Chang said, explaining his full-body workout. “The problem is that people think that all they need to do are ab and core workouts, but that is not effective.”

He explained that the most effective way to sculpt abs is to shed fat on your total body, and the way to shed fat us to work all the muscles in your body, not just the abs.

The Total Body Workout DVD is different from Chang’s other videos, which are targeted toward men aiming to build a muscular physique.

“This workout uses no weights at all,” Chang said. “It’s geared toward toning and tightening your body with shorter workouts that are simpler and easier to follow. And it’s geared for men and women.”

But Chang’s style of training, which he describes as “simple and easy but effective,” is still apparent in this DVD. Like his online videos, he avoids using complex equipment and exercises, which he said can slow down results and make it harder to maintain them.

“I find the most effective exercises out of the thousands out there — which boils down to about 20 exercises — and I turn it into a workout program,” Chang said. “You don’t have to spend money. There’s not a big learning curve. It’s just as effective. We use the best workouts that activate the most amount of muscles.”

Based on Chang’s success on YouTube, his approach seems to be working. Chang, however, attributes his popularity to being able to relate to a mass audience.

“I’ve been training so long, I hear a lot of common mistakes, and for me to be able to address those makes it easy for people to workout,” he said.

And helping people improve their lives through fitness is what keeps Chang going, he said.

“Everywhere I go to, I run into a lot of people who tell me they were inspired and lost weight with my program,” Chang said. “That’s what makes me happy. I love helping people.”

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