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Happily N’Ever After 2 (DVD Review)

13 Mar, 2009 By: Angelique Flores

Happily N'Ever After 2

Street 3/24/09
$19.98 DVD
Not rated.

This direct-to-video sequel follows the footsteps of its predecessor by taking a fairy tale and giving it a different spin.

In this alternate version of Snow White, the princess is a snotty teenage brat whose beloved mother has just died. Trying to find a female figure to help guide his daughter, the king dates Lady Vane who, with the help of an evil magic mirror, has made herself look like the deceased queen to catch the king’s eye.

Lady Vane wants to get rid of Snow and gives her a magic apple to make her say mean things about everyone in the kingdom. Snow is socially exiled and finds her way to the house of the seven dwarves. The dwarves take Snow on a journey to do good works, which amend her selfish attitude.

Of course there’s also a romantic plotline, but it’s almost secondary to Snow’s self-transformation.

Kids may find this animated tale hip, with Snow White and her crew, using cell phones, going to the hottest new joust club and speaking in modern lingo.

At times, though, I found it a bit silly to see these characters carry on with urban sensibilities — the joust event MC yells, “It’s time to get your joust on!” and Snow White and her friends never say “hello” but instead shout “holla!”

However, I appreciated that the film incorporated diversity in Snow White’s kingdom. Among her three best friends are Goldilocks, Little Bo Peep (who is black) and Little Red Riding Hood, who seems to be Latina, though it’s hard to pinpoint her accent.

The film takes an earnest crack at trying to be like Shrek, but falls short. Still, children will find it entertaining and will recognize the nods to other fairy tales, making this ideal babysitting fare.

The DVD special features include three games: Two were more like brain teasers, which I admittedly enjoyed, while one was more of a game.

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