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Fred: The Movie (DVD Review)

2 Oct, 2010 By: Sydney Prange

Street 10/5/10
$19.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Lucas Cruikshank, Jennette McCurdy, Pixie Lott, John Cena, Jake Weary.

If you don’t know who Fred is, there is a good chance that your kids do. The Internet sensation (YouTube.com/Fred) recently finished his first movie, which millions of Fred fans had been waiting for.

In the movie, Fred (Lucas Cruikshank) continues his hilarious exploits in trying to get the girl of his dreams, Judy (Pixie Lott), while Kevin (Jake Weary), Fred’s archenemy, stands in his way. With the help of some friends, including Bertha (Jennette McCurdy of “iCarly” fame), Fred sets off on a journey to contact Judy, who has moved away from the neighborhood. But things don’t go exactly as planned.

As a Fred fan, I was impressed with the movie. I liked the character Derf, who was the opposite of Fred. Derf was a very funny character. I wish Fred’s mom were in the movie more because I think she was well-cast. Bertha was a good character, and I liked her attitude, but she was not enough of a bad influence (like she is in the few Web videos in which she is mentioned). I really loved the Little Evan gimmick. When both were younger, Fred’s friend Evan disappeared into the woods to find a ball. He returns in the movie, having lived in the woods for years looking for the ball. That was one of those offbeat moments that I believe was heavily influenced by Cruikshank. I also liked when Fred was invisible and threw dodgeballs at Kevin.

Still, I did not like the fact that they portrayed Fred as a teenager, when in his videos he is a 6-year-old. I loved Fred as the squeaky little boy, not the deeper-voiced teen.

There’s a little Fred in all kids — that tendency to want to go wild, scream as high as you can, make silly faces and bounce off the walls. Fred also teaches kids to just keep going for it, even if the road is a little bumpy. Also, just maybe, you might throw a hackin’ awesome party along the way.

All in all, Fred’s movie may not be as edgy as his Web series, but it maintains much of the spirit of the Internet sensation.

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