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Bob the Builder: Heavy Duty Diggers (DVD Review)

By : Ranny Levy, Chris Pollock | Posted: 23 Mar 2010

Street 3/23/10
$14.98 DVD
Not rated.

Learn how to face your fears and embrace your talents in this empowering collection of “Bob the Builder” episodes.

Bob and his gang take you step-by-step through the building process, showing that it takes careful planning and lots of teamwork to get the job done. In these episodes of the animated show, Scrap learns that observing others can help him work better in the long run; Lofty learns that water won’t hurt him; Roley learns that it’s better to work as a team and that his ideas aren’t necessarily the best ideas; Scoop learns that builders can be artists and being an artist doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to paint; and Lofty learns to face his fears with his eyes wide open and discovers that doing so gives him the understanding that there was nothing to be afraid of after all.

This title assists children in working through problems or emotional issues and promotes service to and compassion for others.

Children’s Jury: “I liked this movie because it tells you not to be afraid because there’s no such things as monsters. They are nice to each other. When one machine wants to build something, the other machines tell him to watch and learn, and they are nice to him. My favorite part is when Lofty thinks that the water makes it so that you fall apart if it touches you — so he was afraid of it. He went into the water by accident and learned that if you go into the water, you don’t fall apart. I think my friends would like this because they like big machines.”   

Ranny Levy is president and founder of Kids First! (www.kidsfirst.org), a project of the nonprofit Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, which advocates responsible viewing choices for children.


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