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‘Kick-Ass’ Blu-ray Gets Kick-Ass Extras

19 Jul, 2010 By: Chris Tribbey

The bonus features for Lionsgate’s Aug. 3 release of the Kick-Ass Blu-ray Disc combo pack will live up to the title of the film, according to its creators.

“Nothing’s duplicated in the special features, and it would take you about six-and-a-half hours to get through it all,” said Jon Mefford, who directed and produced the extras.

The first feature he said Blu-ray owners should check out is “A New Kind of Superhero: The Making of Kick-Ass” documentary, a feature-length look at a movie a lot of people in Hollywood thought would never be made.

“That’s the first stop, after watching the film,” Mefford said. “It’s a lot more honest than usual. The movie took two years to make, and there were a lot of ups and downs along the way.”

Next is the “Ass-Kicking Bonus View Mode,” a multimedia presentation including both video and audio commentary, graphics, behind-the-scenes clips and appearances by the cast and crew, all running in time with the film.

“It’s really immersive,” Mefford said.

“It’s On! The Comic Book Origin of Kick-Ass” featurette will be found on both the Blu-ray ($39.99) and the DVD ($29.95), and Mefford said he felt especially proud of it.

“I was actually able to capture them as they were finishing issue No. 8,” Mefford said.

Also included among the features is a “The Art of Kick-Ass” gallery, a marketing archive and an audio commentary by writer, director and producer Matthew Vaughn.

“He’s just an interesting character,” Mefford said about Vaughn. “An honest, no-nonsense guy, and he’s a big film nerd.”

The Blu-ray will also feature Metamenu Remote via BD Touch, which allows iPhone and Android users to connect to the disc features, selecting menus, surf certain scenes with dialogue and get more details about the cast and crew. Additionally, Metamenu users can select alternate language tracks, and access portions of “Ass-Kicking Bonus View” mode.

“It puts the pop-up menus in the palm of your hand,” said Chris F. Brown, president and CEO of Metabeam, which created the Metamenu application. “There’s a lot you can do with it. It’s a neat little interface for consumers, and it’s really easy. We strive to make it easy. Ease of use is paramount.”

Besides the bonuses, Mefford said Blu-ray is the right way to go for a colorful, action-filled romp such as Kick-Ass.

“The interactive things are nice, they’re fun, but the best thing about Blu-ray is the 1080p picture,” Mefford said. “It’s as close as you can get to the theatrical presentation.”

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