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Tivo, Dish Network Back in Court

18 Feb, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

TiVo and Dish Network were back in court Feb. 17, with TiVo seeking more damages over patent infringements for digital video recorders.

TiVo was awarded $105 million in damages in 2008 after a federal court ruled Dish Network (formerly Echo Star) had infringed on TiVo’s patented technology that allowed one TV program to be recorded while another program was being watched. Since the ruling, Dish Network said it has found a workaround for the software, avoiding using TiVo’s technology. TiVo disagrees, seeking not only more money, but also calling for Dish to stop the technology from being used on subscribers’ set-tops.

“We remain confident that we will prevail in showing that EchoStar’s workaround does not avoid infringement,” said TiVo president and CEO Rogers, in a statement in November.

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