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No Ruling by Court Hearing Ad-Skipping Lawsuits

2 Jul, 2012

Dish Network’s temporary restraining order against Fox remains in place

The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York July 2 issued no formal rulings following first-day arguments on Dish Network’s motion for an anti-suit injunction against Fox Television, CBS Corp. and NBC Universal to enjoin them from pursuing their California lawsuits against the satellite TV operator.

An anti-suit injunction is an order that prevents an opposing party from commencing or continuing a proceeding in another jurisdiction or forum. If the opposing party defies such as order, the court could issue a contempt of court order against that party.

The networks in May separately filed suits against Dish claiming its Hopper DVR ad-skipping technology violated copyrights and retransmission contractual obligations, among other concerns. Dish, in turn, countersued, alleging the networks conspired to prohibit a legal technology — the right for a consumer to skip ads on recorded programming, among other issues.

The court also heard arguments regarding Fox, CBS and NBC’s motions to dismiss, stay or transfer to California Dish’s New York lawsuit against the networks.
Finally, the temporary restraining order issued by the court barring Fox from pursuing the lawsuit it filed May 24 against Dish in California remains in effect pending the court’s ruling.

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