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Viking Saga: Son of Thor, A (DVD Review)

9 Nov, 2008 By: Anne Sherber

Viking Saga

Prebook 11/11/08; Street 12/9/08
$24.98 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Ken Vedsegaard, Peter Gantzler, Erik Holmey.

Falling squarely in the category of something you don’t see everyday, A Viking Saga is an intense, atmospheric drama set, unexpectedly, in Scandinavia in the ancient Viking age.

When marauding hordes invade a peaceful village, a boy watches as the barbarians destroy the village and murder almost every man, woman and child. As he lies dying, the boy’s father instructs him to escape and find a long lost uncle. The boy leaves the village, two steps ahead of the barbarians, believing that everyone he loves has died. He eventually finds the uncle, who adopts and raises the boy to adulthood.

Years later, he encounters the people who destroyed his village. He also finds a girl, now grown into a lovely young woman, whom he loved as a boy and whom he believed had died at the hands of the barbarians.

A Viking Saga is shot in a dreamy impressionistic style that makes the film feel almost like a Viking home movie. Toggling back and forth between the hero’s childhood and his adult years, the film evokes the ancient Vikings and also has an almost modern sensibility.

Although the young actors are a bit stiff, the cast of adults finds the humanity in characters that border on mythic. Viewers who are interested in historical dramas, especially historical dramas that think outside the box, should be steered toward A Viking Saga.

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