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MOD Systems Opens Japanese Operations

4 May, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey

MOD systems

MOD Systems — the Seattle-based technology company working on SD Card movie kiosks for this year — has expanded its reach to Japan, opening a Tokyo-based subsidiary, MOD Systems Japan Inc.

“The transition from physical media to digital has been sweeping through Japan and other markets across the globe,” said Tetsuya Kato, CEO of MOD-J. “The Japanese retail market in particular is extremely space-conscious, making the ability to reduce inventory and physical store footprint a key concern. MOD Systems’ retail solution directly addresses these needs, while giving consumers a faster, more portable way to download [content], then replay it on multiple devices.”

Since last year MOD has been working in tandem with Toshiba and NCR Corp. to bring to market retail kiosks, with which consumers can download content to SD Cards. Warner Bros. and Paramount are among the studios that have signed on to the project.

“Our close relationships with Toshiba and NCR allow MOD to expand quickly into the Japan market,” said Anthony Bay, chairman and CEO of MOD Systems. “This is an exciting milestone for our business.”

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