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Sony Pictures Invites Consumers to ‘Staycation’

20 Jul, 2009 By: Eui-jo Marquez

Instead of dealing with heat, crowds, limited vacation days and huge travel bills, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment wants consumers to take a vacation in comfort this year with “Movie Staycations.”

“In these tough economic times, this is a unique promotion that provides consumers with a cost-effective way to escape and have fun through the power of movies without ever leaving their homes,” said Marc Rashba, VP of worldwide marketing for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. “We hope the ‘Movie Staycation’ promotion will provide a convenient and fun-filled opportunity for families who want to have a little R & R without the cost and hassle of a vacation.”

Currently underway until Sept. 30, the promotion includes movies for less than $10 at major retail outlets, drug and grocery stores. Consumers can visit the “Movie Staycation” Web page at www.sonyrewards.com/en/clubs/bluray/moviestaycationhome/ and download coupons for an additional $2 off DVDs and $3 off Blu-ray Discs.

“If you’re a thrifty shopper, you’ll be able to pick up our movies for a lot less than $10,” Rashba said.

More than 120 titles are available on DVD and Blu-ray, including Hitch, Seven Years in Tibet, A Few Good Men, Donnie Brasco, Laurence of Arabia, Not Another Teen Movie and Hook.

“The best thing is to feel like the movies have taken you away and taken you somewhere,” Rashba said. “So we tried to work with movies that take you to places you may not be able to afford to go — whether that’s the Arabian Desert, or Tibet, or outer space, that’s the idea of it.”

For each movie consumers buy, they also can register to receive stamps in their virtual passports, and, according to Rashba, registration is easy.

“It’s very simple process,” Rashba said. “We made it so my mom could do it.”

After six stamps, consumers will receive a free gift.

“If you’re really into movies and you happen to be someone who buys DVDs regularly anyway, ... if you provide us with some information and register and get your passport stamped, we have some exciting, quite expensive DVD gift sets available that are no longer available in the marketplace,” Rashba said.

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