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Survey: 75% of Students Prefer Downloading Music to Streaming

10 Nov, 2009 By: Jordan Harrison

A recent study has found that 75% of students prefer to download music, rather than buy it in stores or pay for it on music-streaming Web sites. The study, conducted by the University of Reading, involved 10,000 students.
Despite the increasing popularity of streaming sites such as Spotify.com, the main appeal of music downloading sites such as iTunes to the students interviewed is the ability to save purchased music on a hard drive or transfer it to an MP3 player. Additionally the study shows students are looking at pricing and sites that offer songs without copy-protection technology, also known as digital-rights management (DRM).

“We have seen the huge surge of younger people using our site, we keep our prices low and concentrate on making money through volume sales,” said a spokesperson for Tunespro.com, which launched three months ago, offers songs for 19 cents a piece, and at a 10% discount if the album is purchased in its entirety. “We believe this will attract them from iTunes, which charges nearly six times what we do.”

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