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iTunes Bows Columbine Survivor’s Film

20 Apr, 2009 By: Billy Gil

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Apple’s iTunes store will exclusively sell the digital version of April Showers, a narrative film based on the Columbine High School shootings, May 5 at $9.99. The film is preordering now at www.itunes.com/movies/aprilshowers2009.

The film opens theatrically April 24, tied to the 10-year anniversary of the Columbine shootings April 20. The film will be available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc from New Video at multiplatform independent film distributor IndieFlix.

Andrew Robinson, the movie’s writer-director and a survivor of the shootings, and IndieFlix will donate half of the film’s first-week box office take as well as $1 from every download of the movie to schools and charities that support the arts in education.

“Given the current state of the economy and the subject matter of the film, I could not in good conscience release April Showers in a traditional way,” said Robinson. “Schools need our help more than ever, and if a film like April Showers can help turn a negative into a positive by shedding light on aspects of a story never told and also give back to the community that supports it, then it’s a win-win.”

Scilla Andreen, CEO IndieFlix, added, “Our goal at IndieFlix is to showcase films that not only entertain but also utilize them as an agent for change; to raise awareness and incite people to take action and make a difference.”

April Showers stars Tom Arnold, Illeana Douglas, Kelly Blatz (Prom Night), Daryl Sabara (Spy Kids, A Christmas Carol), Janel Parrish (“Bratz”) and Ellen Woglom (“Law & Order: SVU”).

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