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Study: Smartphone Users Aren’t Watching Much Video

3 Jun, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Average mobile phone user spends 58 minutes a day on the device — 17 minutes more among iPhone owners

The marketing push to deliver video via apps on portable devices such as the smartphone might be falling on deaf ears.

New data from Experian Marketing Services found that about 1% of smartphone users watch video on the device. That’s about half the time users spend taking digital photos or using GPS for directions.

Indeed, despite the proliferation of video apps from Netflix, YouTube and other content aggregators, the amount of time mobile phone users actually watch video equates to little more than 60 seconds per session.

“Given that nearly 98% of smartphone users don’t watch videos on their phone during a typical day, it’s easier to understand why video comprises such a low share of the average adult’s daily smartphone use,” said John Fetto, senior marketing manager for the consumer insights group within Experian Marketing Services, in a blog post. “However, … those who do watch video on their phone spend, on average, 5 minutes a day watching videos spread out over 4.2 different viewing sessions.”

Interestingly, despite ease with which technology allows people not to actually talk to someone, talking on the phone still edged texting, 79%  to 76%. Visiting websites (62%), emailing (61%) and social networking (52%) represented the bulk of activities on a smartphone.

Besides video, an activity with the fewest daily participants included reading, which just 0.5% of smartphone owners do daily.

Meanwhile, the average smartphone user spends 58 minutes days on the device, which includes 49 minutes daily among Android device owners and 75 minutes for iPhone owners.

The study found that iPhone and Android smartphone owners use their devices in different ways. Experian said Android users spend 28% of the time talking, compared to 22% among iPhone users. Android owners also devote a greater share of time visiting websites on their phone than iPhone owners. On the other hand, iPhone owners spend a disproportionately greater share of smartphone time than Android owners texting, emailing, using the camera and social networking.

Social networking eats up 16% of smartphone time while browsing the mobile web accounts for 14% of time spent. Emailing and playing games account for roughly 9% and 8% of daily smartphone time, respectively, while use of the phone’s camera and GPS each take up another 2% of a smartphone’s day.

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