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Home Media Magazine offers expanded coverage of the high-definition Blu-ray Disc format, the next generation in packaged media.

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Parsons: Blu-ray Key to Pioneer's HD Strategy    29 Aug, 2008

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

Andy Parsons, SVP of advanced product development at Pioneer Electronics and chair of the Blu-ray...More>>

Yamaha, Panasonic to Bow Pricey Blu-ray Players    26 Aug, 2008

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

While consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers slowly reduce the SRP for Blu-ray players...More>>

Magazine Names Vizio Fastest-Growing CE Company    25 Aug, 2008

News By: Billy Gil

Irvine, Calif.-based HDTV producer Vizio was named the fastest-growing computer and electronics...More>>

BD Comes Alive    25 Aug, 2008

News By: Billy Gil

BD Live developers toil to bring the latest features to life.More>>

Cost, Content and Awareness Key to Blu-ray Disc Adoption    22 Aug, 2008

News By: Paul Erickson

Blu-ray won the battle with HD DVD early this year, and consumer awareness of the technology is on...More>>

New 160 GB PS3 Heading to Stores in November    20 Aug, 2008

News By: John Gaudiosi

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) is upping the ante on storage capacity for its...More>>

Best Buy, Circuit City Bow Digital TV Information Channels    20 Aug, 2008

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

Determined to avoid confusion regarding the switch from analog to digital over-the-air TV...More>>

Report: U.S. Blu-ray Sales to Top DVD Sales by 2012    19 Aug, 2008

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

Sales of Blu-ray Discs in the United States are expected to total about 45 million units this year...More>>

Toshiba Bows 'Enhanced Picture' Upconverting DVD Player    18 Aug, 2008

News By: Erik Gruenwedel

Toshiba Corp. of America Aug. 18 launched a new upconverting DVD player that some believe marks the...More>>

Austin Powers to Look Groovy on Blu-ray, Baby    18 Aug, 2008

News By: Billy Gil

Warner Home Video will unleash Austin Powers on Blu-ray Disc Dec. 2 (prebook Oct. 28) with the...More>>