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Fans Get Opportunity to Share Profits from Canadian Film

20 Dec, 2011

Starting Dec. 23 Canadian production company Alpha Galore is offering fans of its film Anchor Baby to earn commission on DVD sales.

Anyone with Twitter, Facebook or a blog who embeds the Anchor Baby video player will earn 10% commission on online sales generated when someone rents or buys the DVD through their embedded or shared link.

“Not everyone will have to time to go and watch your movie at the cinemas because of so many different reasons, so we decided to get it out online,” said Lonzo Nzekwe, director and producer of Anchor Baby. “That way, people from all over the world can have access to experience this great movie, and at a very affordable price, too.”

The movie — which follows an illegal immigrant couple from Nigeria aiming to give birth in America — is available as a high-def rental for $4.99, and one rental is good for five viewings within 30 days.

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