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Bender/Helper, Indigo Team for International PR

23 Feb, 2012 By: Chris Tribbey

Public relations firm Bender/Helper Impact, which has clients covering most every major studio’s home entertainment division, has teamed with fellow PR firm Indigo Pearl in Germany to launch a new agency for international companies.

The Surround Group will bring together PR, social media and digital marketing firms worldwide to focus on companies in the entertainment content, consumer product and technology and consumer electronics space. Partners in the group include Dixit Communicaciones in Argentina; The Red Agency in Australia; Grupocasa in Brazil; Webidiotz in Canada; HiLinks in Chile; Indigo Pearl and its partners in Europe; Approach Communications in India; Joint Communications and 3NMedia in Mexico; and Code Relevant, Bender/Helper and MarketingWorks in the United States.

More PR firms in Korea, China and Japan are expected to join.

“Rather than establishing a loose alliance of affiliated PR and marketing agencies, Surround Group partners operate in a fully-integrated and collaborative manner, as well as being financially committed to the success of this venture,” said Lee Helper, Bender/Helper president and general managing partner of The Surround Group. “All partners have skin in the game.”

Torsten Oppermann, managing director of Indigo Pearl, added: “As the world requires more comprehensive and integrated global communications experience and skills in our corresponding industries, Bender/Helper, Indigo Pearl and all Surround Group partners are well positioned to effectively meet future client needs and business opportunities.”

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