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Estilo Hip Hop (DVD Review)

27 Jun, 2010 By: Angelique Flores

Street 6/29/10
Music Documentary
$24.95 DVD
Not rated.

While hip-hop originated during the 1970s in New York, its influence has reached around the world. This documentary addresses hip-hop culture in three Latin-American countries by telling about the personal stories of an artist from each country.

The one common thread about these artists is that they all have a social conscience and make it a point to rap about issues such as poverty, education, class disparity, sexism and racism.

Guerrillero Okulto is a rapper from Chile whose songs are politically charged. He hosts hip-hop workshops for kids to encourage them to make positive changes in their lives and community.

Eli Efi from Brazil was inspired by American artists such as Public Enemy, who introduced him to such black heroes as Martin Luther King Jr. He went out and studied the black figures in Brazil who fought against racism in his country. Not wanting to just raise awareness through his music, he got involved in his community in a similar way that Guerrillero did.

Magia is a rap artist from Cuba. Being female and black, she reaches out to women to address racial issues. Her husband, another hip-hop artist who goes by Obsesión, co-founded an organization that uses hip-hop to teach and promote moral, cultural, social and political values.

The bonus material adds hours of more in-depth featurettes that compliment the 56-minute documentary. Among the extras are some featurettes about hip-hop culture in Mexico; featurettes about other hip-hop artists and music in the featured countries; and featurettes about graffiti in Brazil and Chile. Together, these featurettes give a wider scope of hip-hop, its influence and the origins of the genre in each country.

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