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Monterey Draws Out ‘Local Color’

28 Jul, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Street Date: 9/08
Prebook Date: 8/11
Studio: Monterey Media
SRP/Format: $26.95 DVD
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See? It’s not all dreary foreign titles and gloomy indies on IndieFile. Monterey Media is releasing the inspirational tale Local Color, starring Academy Award-nominated Armin Mueller-Stahl, Trevor Morgan, Samantha Mathis, Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated Ray Liotta, Academy Award-nominated Charles Durning, Golden Globe Winner and Emmy-nominated Ron Perlman, Academy Award-nominated Diana Scarwid and Julie Lott. The all-star cast tells the story of a successful artist in his young years who befriends an elderly alcoholic genius who has given up on art and on life. Sort of a tried-and-true formula that has produced some classics, and the trailer looks good.


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