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Triumph of Dingus McGraw: Village Idiot, The (DVD Review)

19 May, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Prebook 5/21/10; Street 6/22/10
$24.99 DVD
Not rated.
Stars Kristopher Turner, Gord Rand, Hailey Birnie, Frank Moore, Melissa-Jane Shaw, Andrew Craig, Aaron Berg.

With a title like Dingus McGraw: Village Idiot, this low-budget Canadian farce is pure goofball with a mix of small-town sentimentality and charm.

Title character Dingus McGraw (Kristopher Turner) of fictional Anvil County, Ky., (population 43) is a good-natured simpleton whose man/child persona pokes fun at southern stereotypes, including obliviousness to romantic overtures from longtime girlfriend Excel (Hailey Birnie).

Yale-educated mayor Tyson, who has big plans for a wireless Anvil (as in no Internet), including supplanting local mom-and-pop businesses with national chains and windfall tax revenue, has even bigger (nefarious) aspirations for Excel.

In an effort to make Dingus appear completely unfit for marriage, Tyson convinces the town to fool the idiot into competing as a wrestler in the Olympics two weeks away. Excel thinks the ruse (there is no Olympics and Dingus can’t even wrestle a pig) will give her boyfriend the confidence to propose.

When the overconfident mayor says he’ll scuttle the big business dreams if Dingus beats professional wrestler Alekski “The Bear from Belarus” Cavalenko (Aaron Berg), busty trucker chick Lexxus (Melissa Jane Shaw) and her one-legged brother Clyde (Andrew Craig) take it upon themselves to teach Dingus the finer points of grappling.

The ensemble cast of small-time Canadian TV actors coupled with superb cinematography and engaging country tunes make Dingus McGraw watchable — despite the silly plot.


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