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Tinseltown Toons, NASCAR Team for DTV Release

4 May, 2009 By: Billy Gil

direct to video

Tinseltown Toons and NASCAR are revving up to produce the tentatively titled direct-to-video release NASCAR: The Secret Life of Cars, due in 2011.

The film, which will be released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment, follows what happens in the NASCAR garage when the humans leave and the cars come to life. Screenwriter Tom Rogers, of such DTV fare as The Lion King 1½, will write the script, based on a concept by Tinseltown Toons’ Joshua Wexler.
“Developing high-quality animated projects with brands of the caliber of NASCAR is the very essence of what Tinseltown Toons’ productions are supposed to be,” stated Larry Kasanoff of Tinseltown Toons. “By creating family friendly programming, we are able to not only reinforce brand identity, but expose these brands to a wider demographic.”
The film will be the first family film based on the NASCAR brand produced by Tinseltown Toons.

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