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Knut & Friends (DVD Review)

26 Nov, 2009 By: Stephanie Prange

Street 12/8/09
$14.98 DVD, $19.98 Blu-ray
Not rated.

This Dove Foundation-approved documentary follows bear cubs in three settings.

At the Berlin Zoo, Knut, a polar bear cub born in captivity and abandoned by his mother is raised by humans.

In another setting two black bear cubs in the Russian wilderness must fend for themselves after their mother dies.

And, in the North, a family of polar bears, consisting of a mother and three cubs, must survive the trek to find food in the wild.

The narrator is reminiscent of the old Disney narrators, offering a gentle touch to what could be a harsh lesson in life and death. There are no bloody kills or disturbing scenes. The death of a runt polar bear cub is handled lightly.

The film is a nice attempt to capitalize on the media sensation that was Knut the cub, reminding us of how cute we all thought he was.

Ultimately, Knut & Friends offers educational material without scenes that might upset young children — and it has lots of footage of cute bear cubs at play. It’s a safe and satisfying choice for families.

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