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Reports: Hulu Coming to Xbox 360?

3 Jun, 2010 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Efforts to create a subscription business model for Hulu could get legs if Microsoft includes the repurposed TV content streaming site in the Xbox Live fall update at the upcoming E3 gaming confab in Los Angeles, according to online speculation and reports.

Hulu, which is co-owned by The Walt Disney Co., NBC Universal and News Corp., has been grappling with establishing alternative revenue models beyond ad-supported content. The Burbank, Calif.-based company was reportedly supposed to bow a $9.99 monthly subscription service, dubbed Hulu Plus, last month.

Xbox scored a hit two years ago when it offered Netflix on its platform, allowing subscribers to stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix to their televisions via a broadband connection.

Netflix generated more than 1 million additional subscribers through the association.

Sources familiar with Microsoft reportedly said the system is in place with only content licensing rights remaining.

“If it does pop up in Microsoft's E3 press conference, it'll only be because Microsoft was able to work out the licensing issues behind the scenes,” wrote Kris Pigna on the gaming site 1Up.com.

In a May 24 post, Hulu rep Devin said the free, ad-supported business model was prefrerable, but added that there are “many other content owners who have chosen and are successful with other models, subscription or otherwise.”

A representative from Microsoft was not immediately available for comment.

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