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Lionsgate Bows Fourth Installment of ‘After Dark Horrorfest’

By : Billy Gil | Posted: 12 Feb 2010

March 23 (order date Feb. 24) marks the release of the fourth installment of Lionsgate’s After Dark Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For.

The annual set represents somewhat of an independent film festival for horror filmmakers. The latest edition includes the films Lake Mungo, which concerns the paranormal activity that occurs after a girl drowns; The Graves, a supernatural story from the creator of the “Evil Ernie” and “Lady Death” comics; Dread, produced by Clive Barker and adapted from his “Books of Blood” series; Zombies of Mass Destruction, a subversive zombie thriller with political undertones; Hidden, about a man trying to bury the memories of his mother’s cruelness with her passing; The Final, about high school outcasts taking revenge; Kill Theory, about college students in a vacation home forced to kill one another before 6 a.m.; and British horror film The Reeds.

The DVDs in After Dark Horrorfest 4: 8 Films to Die For are listed at $19.98 individually and $159.98 for a boxed set of all eight films.


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