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Laura Tiffany

Horton Reviews
Horton Hears a Who! (DVD Review)   7 Dec, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

'Horton Hears a Who!' is a beautiful ode to Dr. Seuss’ loopy visuals and roundabout life lessons,...more >>

Butch Jamie Reviews
Butch Jamie (DVD Review)   16 Nov, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

This fresh entry into the gay cinema pantheon will hopefully, through word-of-mouth and festival...more >>

Boystown Reviews
Boystown (DVD Review)   19 Oct, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

'Boystown' is a heartfelt, sweet comedy about a serial killer stalking little old ladies in an...more >>

Edge of Heaven, The (DVD Review)   14 Sep, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

The film examines profoundly personal matters -- love, family, grief, forgiveness -- while touching...more >>

Itty Bitty Reviews
Itty Bitty Titty Committee (DVD Review)   31 Aug, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

Director Jamie Babbit's 'Itty Bitty Titty Committee' is a frothy, romantic tale of what happens...more >>

Plans of Man Reviews
Plans of Man, The (DVD Review)   10 Aug, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

The disc comes with a few more extras than one would expect for such a small film.

Love For Sale Reviews
Love For Sale (DVD Review)   27 Jul, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

'Love for Sale' is a movie made of the small, often silent moments that can lead to a life-changing...more >>

When I Find the Ocean Reviews
When I Find the Ocean (DVD Review)   6 Jul, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

There's a really decent movie hidden somewhere inside 'When I Find the Ocean,' but unfortunately...more >>

Summer of 04 Reviews
Summer of '04 (DVD Review)   8 Jun, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

'Summer of '04' is undeniably gorgeous, helped along by its passel of naturally attractive actors,...more >>

Fun in Girls' Shorts (DVD Review)   27 Apr, 2008
By: Laura Tiffany

There are only a handful of smart, funny and realistic representations of lesbians in film and TV...more >>