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David Greenberg

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Inaugural Philadelphia Film Market Attracts Filmmakers, Distributors Looking for Deals   25 Jun, 2009
By: David Greenberg

If any of the filmmakers at last week’s inaugural Philadelphia Film Market were at all clueless...more >>

LastStopForPaul Reviews
Last Stop For Paul (DVD Review)   14 Dec, 2008
By: David Greenberg

An odd mix of faux-non-fiction narrative, revisionist road trip movie and travelogue, 'Last Stop...more >>

Bubba Raw Reviews
Bubba Raw Vol. 2 (DVD Review)   16 Nov, 2008
By: David Greenberg

A celebration of all things lewd, crude and depraved, this compilation of stunts, skits, rituals,...more >>

Doughboys Reviews
Doughboys (DVD Review)   9 Nov, 2008
By: David Greenberg

Like the baked delicacies prepared and served with love at this film’s central location,...more >>

Planet B-Boy Reviews
Planet B-Boy (DVD Review)   2 Nov, 2008
By: David Greenberg

Those who might be holding hope for a return to the glory days of the breakdancing films that...more >>

Another Life Reviews
Another Life (DVD Review)   26 Oct, 2008
By: David Greenberg

Cut from the same cloth as countless British classics, 'Another Life' will appeal to audiences...more >>

Hank and Mike Reviews
Hank and Mike (DVD Review)   26 Oct, 2008
By: David Greenberg

In a classic revisionist approach, director Matthew Klinck’s film rips apart and hilariously...more >>

Street Revenge Reviews
Street Revenge (DVD Review)   12 Oct, 2008
By: David Greenberg

Watching 'Street Revenge' it is not hard to recall the saying “revenge is a dish best served...more >>

Dog Gone Reviews
Dog Gone (DVD Review)   5 Oct, 2008
By: David Greenberg

Clearly taking a cue or two from 'Home Alone' — even the box art recalls the iconic Macaulay...more >>

OSS 117 Reviews
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (DVD Review)   28 Sep, 2008
By: David Greenberg

In a perfect world, 'OSS 117' would attract a stateside audience, people will love it, tell their...more >>