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Dan Bennett

George Benson: Absolutely Live (DVD Review)   14 Sep, 2008
By: Dan Bennett

Smooth as silk and dripping elegant soul, George Benson was ready to roll in this 2000 concert...more >>

Short Track Reviews
Short Track (DVD Review)   7 Sep, 2008
By: Dan Bennett

'Short Track' is a family story that is loaded with racing action, lingering and loving long shots...more >>

Pope Dreams Reviews
Pope Dreams (DVD Review)   24 Aug, 2008
By: Dan Bennett

A coming-of-age story as interested in a little sass and rock 'n' roll as much as heart and soul,...more >>

Celine Reviews
Celine (DVD Review)   27 Jul, 2008
By: Dan Bennett

This unauthorized biography of Celine Dion is a workable, mildly entertaining biopic that Dion and...more >>

Down the Tracks Reviews
Down the Tracks: The Music That Influenced Bob Dylan (DVD Review)   13 Jul, 2008
By: Dan Bennett

This is a scholarly enterprise that also easily entertains, and is not only a find for Dylan fans,...more >>

Neil Diamond Reviews
Neil Diamond: The Thank You Australia Concert — Live 1976 (DVD Review)   29 Jun, 2008
By: Dan Bennett

Whether or not Diamond floats your boat, his form of rock poetry enjoys big meaning for his legions...more >>

Mad Bad Reviews
Mad Bad (DVD Review)   8 Jun, 2008
By: Dan Bennett

'Mad Bad,' in the tradition of a number of recent drag-race or mean-streets features, is packed...more >>

Honeydripper Reviews
Honeydripper (DVD Review)   25 May, 2008
By: Dan Bennett

For John Sayles fans, who have watched for almost three decades as the writer-director has nibbled...more >>

New Ways of Delivering Content Highlighted at NAB   17 Apr, 2008
By: Dan Bennett

This year, NAB emphasized content more than ever before and put it on an equal level with the vast...more >>

Arnold Tackles Different Role   5 Oct, 2005
By: Dan Bennett

There may not be happy endings for all the characters in this new title from Lions Gate Home...more >>