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SPECIAL SERIES: Blu-ray at 10


Part 1

A Gateway to the Future

This summer marks the start of the Blu-ray Disc’s 10th anniversary year. The format was introduced to consumers in June 2006 on the eve of the high-definition revolution, to give them the single best viewing experience — which it still does today.


Part 2

A Vital Part of the Entertainment Family

As we approach the 10-year anniversary of its launch, the Blu-ray Disc remains one of the most popular ways to watch movies in the home.



Part 3

The Flexibility Factor

When Blu-ray Disc was launched nearly a decade ago, the format was hailed as “future proof” by studio executives as well as consumer electronics manufacturers. It could, and would, grow with technology. That prediction has come true.



Part 4

Ultra High-Def Blu-ray: The Ultimate Viewing Experience

As its 10th birthday draws near, the Blu-ray Disc’s prospects have never appeared brighter. The rapid advance of Ultra HD is expected to trigger a resurgence in Blu-ray Disc sales.




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