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Report: Blu-ray Player Prices Up 10% Since Black Friday

By Erik Gruenwedel | Posted: 23 Dec 2008

Following widely publicized discounts of Blu-ray players last month on Black Friday, prices have increased 10%, including 2% last week, according to a new report.

PriceScan.com said BD player prices dropped 12% in September and 7% in October after topping out at about $400 in 2007. Consumers spent more than $30 million purchasing about 150,000 BD players — many priced below $200 — on Black Friday.

Average BD player prices now range from $200 to $250, according to priceScan.

“Sony’s high-def disc standard has at least temporarily broken its downward price trend, which is all the more impressive in what’s been an anemic holiday shopping season,” said Jeff Trester, PriceSCAN co-CEO and chief economist. “It’s worth noting Sony’s high-def format has demonstrated that, even in a recession, technology prices do not always go down.”

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