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LCD TV Shipments Up

24 Nov, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

All eyes in the LCD TV world are turned toward China, according to a new report from Display Search.

Worldwide LCD TV shipments are up 6% year-over-year, with 53 million total units, and China is seeing the largest growth, with 15% more LCD TVs compared to 2007, and a record 12 million LCD TVs shipped in the third quarter of 2008.

Despite a noted drop in demand at the end of the third quarter, North America continues to dominate the worldwide LCD TV market overall, according to the report. The continent saw a 12% rise in third-quarter shipments this year, with 10 million LCD TVs shipped.

Worldwide, LCD TVs for the first time have gained a 50% market share, according to the report, though LCD TV manufacturers are seeing a marked slow-down in their annual growth rates.

LCD TV shipments are making the largest percentage gains in Latin America (up 120% year over year), and worldwide the most popular LCD TV size is 32 inches.

As for plasma TVs, total unit shipments were up 37% year-over-year with 3.8 million units. Fifty-inch plasma screens saw the biggest gains in market share, from 25% to 28%.

Samsung continues to be the worldwide leader in terms of TV revenue, with 22.5%. That’s a full 10 points higher than No. 2 Sony (12.4%), and 11 more than No. 3 LG (11.4%).

For more information about the report, call (512) 687-1505 or e-mail Carl_Holec@displaysearch.com.

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