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LCD TV Shipments Drop Slightly for First Time

8 Dec, 2010 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Shipments of LCD televisions in the United States have declined this year, due to economic concerns and slow price declines for most of 2010, according to market research firm iSuppli.

Shipments of LCD TVs in the country are expected to total 31.9 million units in 2010, down 1.2% from 32.3 million units in 2009, iSuppli reported. Although the decrease appears marginal, the situation is startling because the U.S. LCD TV market has grown tremendously each year since volume shipments began in 2006, iSuppli noted.

“Year after year, in both good economic times and bad, U.S. consumers always have found a way to devote more of their disposable incomes to purchasing sleek, new flat-panel LCD TVs,” said Riddhi Patel, director and principal analyst of television for iSuppli. “However, in 2010, the realities of the economy finally caught up with the LCD market, causing sales to decline for the first year ever. Despite this setback, shipments will resume their growth in 2011 as consumer confidence rises again.”

By contrast, the global LCD TV market will continue to expand this year, increasing by 20.3%, with help from emerging markets such as China, parts of the Asia Pacific region and Latin America.

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