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A Decade of Blu-ray Disc


Blu-ray Disc at 10: Gateway to 4K Ultra HD, Digital Delivery

On the 10th anniversary of its June 2006 launch, the high-definition Blu-ray Disc format remains the best, and most popular, way to watch movies in the home. It’s also the launch point for 4K Ultra HD, the next big step in home-viewing technology.



Industry Insights: Future-Proof By Design

One of the smartest aspects of Blu-ray Disc, both on the software side and on the hardware side, is the format’s future-proof design.



Ultra HD Blu-ray Gets Off to Fast Start

Studio executives are cheered by early Ultra HD Blu-ray sales numbers, which far surpassed expectations.



All-Time Top 50 Blu-ray Disc Sellers by Units Sold Through 6/4/16


All-Time Top 50 Blu-ray Disc Sellers by Revenue Through 6/4/16

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