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British Video Association Says Euro BD Sales are Strong

22 Dec, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Blu-ray Disc and player sales in Europe are surprisingly strong, despite worldwide financial gloom, according to the British Video Association (BVA) and research firm Futuresource.

British consumers bought more than 460,000 Blu-rays in November, an increase of 165% from the previous month, according to the BVA. The Dark Knight sold more than 510,000 total units, with Blu-ray accounting for 21% of all discs sold. In total more than 6.5 million Blu-ray discs — including those used for games — have been sold in Europe in 2008, a year-over-year growth of 320%.

“Once people see the benefits of Blu-ray for themselves, they soon realize the difference it can make,” said Jim Bottoms, managing director of corporate development for Futuresource. “We fully expect Blu-ray to keep on bucking the current economic trend and continue its rapid growth over the next few months and beyond, stimulated by falling prices and even more bundling deals with large-screen TVs.”

Overall sales of players are expected to triple in 2009, according to Futuresource, with 2.5 million standalone units projected.

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