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Black Friday Brings Down Premium LCD TV Prices

By Chris Tribbey | Posted: 04 Dec 2008

The price line between premium and value LCD HDTVs was already thinning, but Black Friday deals brought the price disparity between the two even closer, according to a report from research firm iSuppli Corp.

“Premium brands led the way in terms of U.S. Black Friday LCD TV pricing deals,” said Tina Tseng, a consumer electronics channels analyst for iSuppli. “Average prices for LCD TVs advertised by premium brands in advance of Black Friday were 23% lower than their average in mid November. In contrast, value brands reduced their prices by only 19% during the same period.”

The cheapest premium brand 32-inch LCD on Black Friday was $499, while the cheapest value brand 32-inch LCD was $388, according to iSuppli. The firm notes that due to the economic recession, many retailers and suppliers will likely choose to keep prices down.

User comments

Commented by Anonymous
Posted on 2008-12-05 22:45:55

I think it partly was possible due to the panel price down. However, the lower price of premium brands will hurt their profitability seriously. Still, some should consume LCD panel inventories.


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