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Allio HDTVs Include PC, Blu-ray and CD/DVD

10 Nov, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

The new HDTVs from California technology company Silicon Mountain Holdings are a lot like fast-food combo meals: Consumers can get their HDTV, Blu-ray Disc player and new PC in one ready-to-go package.

The Allio 32- and 42-inch HDTVs — available only online for now — include built-in Blu-ray or CD/DVD players, Intel Core2Duo-powered PCs and a minimum of 250GB of storage. A wireless keyboard and remote are included, and a split-screen feature allows for owners to use the Allio for two things at once.

The Allio TVs will be priced starting at $1,599, with Blu-ray and added storage running the price up to as much as $2,799.

“The Allio HDTV/PC takes the digital experience into another dimension,” said Tré Cates, Silicon Mountain president and CEO. “During product development, we discovered that our testers regularly expressed disappointment in their own large-screen television and home theater configurations after using Allio for just a few hours. 

“The results are clear. The Allio HDTV/PC experience simply suits our modern digital lifestyle better.”

For more information visit www.visionman.com.

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